Riviera Telephone Company, Inc. Awards Scholarships



Since 1987, Riviera Telephone Company, Inc. (RTC) has awarded $754,000 in scholarships to 171 local students for their academic achievement, good citizenship and high moral character. This year RTC awarded $77,000 in scholarships to nine children of RTC customers and employees.

This year's recipients are Stephen Beadle, Michael Catter, Austin Sanchez Colston, Kelly Jo Emmons, Zachery Gonzales, Shelby Griffith, Cameron Kirk, Juan Sabastian Lerma and Leena Vela.

Stephen Beadle is the son of John & Tracy Beadle and plans to attend Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMUK) to begin studies toward a major in Political Science. Michael Catter is the son of Julie Catter and the late Greg Catter and is this year's Riviera Kaufer High School Salutatorian. Michael plans to begin his college career at TAMUK and is contemplating studies in Business, Communications or History. Austin Sanchez Colston is the son of Michelle and Billy Colston, III. Austin plans to attend TAMUK and major in business. Kelly Jo Emmons is the daughter of Cherie and the late Matthew Emmons and plans to attend TAMUK to study English. Zachery Gonzales is the son of Orlando & Freedom Suarez with plans to obtain a vocational degree in Welding. Shelby Griffith is the daughter of Doug & Christy Griffith; she plans to attend TAMUK and major in Early Childhood Education. Cameron Kirk is the son of Charles Kirk & Patricia Turner; he has plans to study music at Angelo State University. Juan Sabastian Lerma is the son of Juan Lerma, Jr. & Amy Ybarra and plans to attend TAMUK and study Mechanical Engineering. Last but not least, Leena Vela is the daughter of Melinda & Israel Vela, Jr.; Leena plans to enter Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and study in the field of Nursing.

RTC congratulates all the 2016 scholarship recipients and wishes each much success as they enter into this new phase of their lives and begin their field of studies at their chosen institutions of higher learning. RTC encourages all eligible 2017 Riviera Kaufer High School seniors to apply for a scholarship next year.



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Pictured in the front row: Juan Sabastian Lerma, Shelby Griffith and Leena Vela. Pictured in the back row: Billy Colston, III, Vice-President, Riviera Telephone Co., Inc., Austin Sanchez Colston, Michael Catter, Stephen Beadle, Kelly Jo Emmons, Cameron Kirk and Zachery Gonzales





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