Selecting a Long Distance Company


Customers now have choices regarding which long distance company they want to complete their long distance calls.   Riviera Telephone Company has the following long distance carriers on our ballot to choose from. You should contact the carrier to set up an account with them; verify the Carrier Identification Code (CIC) and any Plan codes, then , call RTC to confirm that your telephone account information matches.


AT&T (0288) Intralata/Interlata
1-800-222-0300 Residential Customers
1-800-222-0400 Business Customers

Cavalier (5364) Intralata/Interlata
1-800-291-9699 Residential/ Business Customers

Excel/Vartec Communications/Vartec (0457) Interlata
1-800-871-0999 Business Customers Only
1-800-583-6767 Residential Customers

Excel Telecommuications, Inc. (0752)
1-800-875-9235 Residential Customers

Level 3 Communications (0071) Intralata/Interlata
1-877-253-8353 Residential/Business Customers

MCI (0222) Intralata/Interlata
1-800-444-2222 Verizon Business Customers
1-800-444-3333 Residential Customers

NTS Communications (0722)
Intralata/Interlata (Rural Areas)
1-800-658-2150 Residential/Business Customers

NTS Communications (0687) Intralata/Interlata
1-800-588-8888 Residential/Business Customers 

Paetec Communications (0795) Intralata/Interlata
1-888-332-9480 Residential/Business Customers

Primus Telecommunications, Inc. (0233) Interlata
1-800-842-6024 Business Customers Only
1-800-393-3000 Residential Customers Only

Qwest LCI (0432) Intralata/Interlata
1-800-860-2255 Residential/Business Customers
1-800-860-1020 Business Customers

MCI (0555) Intralata/Interlata
1-800-264-1000 Residential/Business Customers

Lightyear (5957) Intralata
1-800-393-7300 Residential/Business Customers

Riviera Telephone Company, Inc. (1000) Intralata
1-361-296-3232 Residential/Business Customers
1-800-296-3232 Residential/ Business Customers

The Phone Company (6746) Intralata/Interlata
1-800-728-3288 Residential/Business Customers

Verizon Long Distance (5483) Intralata/Interlata
1-877-950-1212 Residential Customers
1-800-444-2222 Business Customers

VTX Long Distance (0010) Interlata
1-800-446-2031 Residential/Business Customers

Westel, Inc. (0085) Intralata/Interlata
1-800-580-5585 Business Customers

Cavalier (6746) Intralata/Interlata
1-800-728-3288 Residential/Business Customers

Questions to Ask the Long Distance Companies:

  • What are the Company’s Rates?
  • Are there any calling plans available to choose from?
  • Where can you call to and from? Anywhere or just selected cities in the country?
  • Can you make international calls?
  • Can you make collect or credit card calls?
  • Does the long distance company offer 1+ dialing or do you need to dial a code?
  • Are there monthly fees, initial charges or minimum charges?


You may or may not be interested in all of the services a long distance company has to offer.  Different companies may have different options that appeal to you.  Please note that there is no charge for initial selection of a long distance company.  However, subsequent changes of your long distance company will incur a change charge.  If you are not sure of your Primary Interexchange Carrier, or have questions relating to your long distance portion of your bill, contact the business office for assistance. Questions or disputes about toll billed to your account should be directed to the long distance carrier billing for the charges; their phone number will be listed on your billing statement.

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